If Covid levels allow, our in-person Sunday service is held at 9:30 a.m. Get more information here.

Endowment Trust

The general purpose of the trust fund is to augment the principles, objectives, programs, and purposes of University Lutheran Church and Student Center.

Students of University Lutheran - Norman, OK


SOUL is our Lutheran Campus Ministry program at OU. We are a network of current and past students who support each other through college and beyond.

Students of University Lutheran - Norman, OK

Bible Verse to Ponder

Our Mission

The mission of University Lutheran Church and Student Center is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of God's abundant grace, to strengthen those who know their Lord and Savior and to reach out to those who do not, equipping all, through Word and Sacrament, to serve God.
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A Letter from Pastor Joe

Welcome to our faith community! I realize that as the pastor of the church, I may be the face or the first person people associate with this church… but I shouldn’t be. The best part of University Lutheran is the people. I love them not because they’re perfect, but because they are God's People, and we all struggle and grow together in mission and ministry. We encourage you to listen for where God is calling you, and we hope that you will find your place in this community of believers.  There IS a place for you here!  » Who is Pastor Joe?