Sports for Fellowship

Sports for Fellowship


We are playing summer league softball. Two years ago, we won 17 and lost 1 last year in the summer league, our first championship in more than a decade. Last season we ended 5-12 and are hoping to rebound this year. Below the schedule on this page is a picture of that league-winning team.

If you are interested in playing on the team, you can contact Steve Gunnels at

All games are at Reaves Park which keeps the official schedule and any other information. There is also a Google group set up for sharing information about the league. Come and cheer for us! (You can check the Reaves Park link for rainout information after 5:00 p.m.).

Note that all of our games are on Thursday, and all are double headers. See each game for the field location. Check back since the Reaves Park folks may change our locations. Some games have an hour between and some are back-to-back.