The University Lutheran Church and Student Center Endowment Trust is a vehicle whose purpose can be summed up by the following excerpts from the official trust agreement.




The Trust welcomes donations at any time. We are able to receive cash and stock donations via our brokerage account and will consider other types of donations. Please contact any of our trustees if you need more information about donating. As a reminder, the Trust is charged with maintaining the principal of all donations and with utilizing the net income toward the support of ULCSC.

When possible, please directly contact one of our Trustees when donating. Any check simply put in the offering might become deposited to the church, instead. This would prevent such funds from being part of the Endowment Trust.

Requesting Funding

The Trustees accept proposals from the committees and individuals of University Lutheran Church and Student Center at any time. These are evaluated and approved (either whole or in part) or rejected and a single check is made out to the church late in the year with instructions to the church accountant as to how it is to be applied. Please fill out our application form if you wish to have a project considered.

» Endowment Application

2020 Summary

We disbursed the following:

  • $3,600.00 – Video equipment for sanctuary and repairs to the rooftop cross.
  • $1,600.00 – Campus Ministry


There are five Trustees elected by the ULCSC membership which oversee the Trust. The Trustees serve three-year terms. The current trustees may be contacted if you have any questions about the Trust or wish to donate to it.