Staff & Council

Deacon Donna Huffman Summerville is a 1993 graduate of the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS) in Columbia, South Carolina. She holds a Master of Arts degree, with a concentration in Christian education, from that institution, as well as a B.A. in mass communications and public relations from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She was consecrated as a Minister of Word and Service in 2018. Prior to joining the staff at University Lutheran Church and Student Center, she taught in parochial schools where she learned to balance subject instruction and helping students learn to live as a Christian in our world. A life-long Lutheran, she has spent much of her adult life leading youth groups, working in Christian Education at her home churches and serving in various leadership roles.  

Helping others learn to navigate life, while keeping to our Christian beliefs, is extremely important to Donna. As our world becomes more diverse, the ability to articulate our own beliefs and reasons for choices we make can be more difficult and important.  Donna strongly believes that our people, no matter the age, need a place to find answers and be strengthened to be Christ to those around us.

Donna met and married Joseph Summerville while at LTSS. They have one son, Brendan. He is a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying environmental design. The Summervilles have been pleased to host eleven exchange students since 2001. They have two tabby cats: Oliver and Simon and ha Schnauzer/Golden Retriever mix named Sophie.

 grew up attending Shades Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church in Homewood, Alabama.